We are developing a new website and hope this will be available soon.
Meanwhile we will continue to have key information available via this website.

If  you need information on:

      Go to www.
      or www.facebook.com/HWShireJamb/

Scouting Updates:
     Go to www.facebook.com/HWScout/

Training or Adult Support:
     Contact John Day via email at dccas@hwscouts.org.uk

Kinver Campsite:
     Contact Rob Williams via email at warden@hwscouts.org.uk

All things Scouting:
     Contact Sid (County Commisioner) via email at cc@hwscouts.org.uk

All that is County Trustee related:
     Contact the County Secretary via email at secretary@hwscouts.org.uk

If you need information on Scouting in general look on www.scouts.org.uk