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General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  - 28th March 2018

The Scout Association are pleased to share with you a step by step GDPR toolkit including 'how to' videos and support materials prepared by Black Penny Consultancy to help local Scouting, and specifically local Executive Committees, to guide each Group, District and County to work towards alignment to the GDPR. We are sending it to all members across the County to ensure that a sustained message is received and appropriately implemented.

The GDPR toolkit is a self-service guide and leads Executive Committees through the data privacy life cycle in steps. In February The Scout Association shared a document entitled 'What is the GDPR?' which is the first stage of step 1. 

Data privacy life cycle

Step 1 - How to assess your data
a – Read ‘What is the GDPR (15 minutes)  
b – Watch video guides (30 minutes)
c – Complete the GDPR framework (2 hours)

Step 2 - How to manage your data risks
a - Read best practice guide (30 minutes)
b - Contact third party processors (1.5 hours)
c - Distribute local data breach response plan (45 minutes)    

The toolkit also includes additional resources if you need to respond if something happens as well as a series of frequently asked questions.

The GDPR toolkit for local Scouting is now available online.

 The Scout Association has reminded us that Scout Groups, Districts and Counties are separate charities and The Scout Association, as a national charity, is not accountable for the respective alignment of the GDPR of each individual charity. Responsibility to be aligned with the GDPR rests with the respective Executive Committee, and its our intention to sign-post appropriate resources to support local Scouting in fulfilling this important responsibility.

We hope that the information contained will help you and your executives. Please remember that we are nearing the end of a two year transition period for implementing GDPR that completes on the 25th May 2018 when we will all expect to be complaint.

NOTE: If you have any questions please direct them to the Scout Information Centre. They can be contacted on 0345 200 1818 or via

Yours in Scouting
Robert Sidley,
County Commissioner, Hereford & Worcester County

To see what the County has put in place, please goto link: