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Archery Permits

Archery LogoFrom 1st January 2016 Archery is covered as an adventerous activity by the Scout Permit Scheme. So if you wish to deliver archery sessions for your members you need to apply for permit in the same way as activities like canoeing, boating, climbing and hill walking. It does not matter if you are qualified and hold a current archery qualification you will still need to apply for a permit to run sessions. The application process for those with current live qualifications should be a be fairly straightforward paperwork exercise  while for most individuals who current deliver this activity without a live qualification then the norm would be for them to attend a practical assessment with Scout County appointed Archery Assessor.

Activate ArcheryThe permit progress is all explained in the following links: Factsheet FS120100 and Adventerous Activity Permit Scheme Applicants Guide.

The specific information relating to Archery Permits can be found by clicking here.

The County has appointed four Archery Assessors;  all four Assessors are for the level – non compound bows which we believe will cover the vast majority of permits in this area. Tim Scott is our overall County Archery Advisor and he can be contacted via  to allocate assessors as approparite.

We fear there will be a bit of a rush to get permits in palace for those who already carrying out this activity within their own Groups or Districts so we are initially instigating the following plan: -

  1. All applications for permits should come to me as e-mail attachments or via snail mail in hard copy. You can down load an application (a .doc Word document) for form by clicking here.
  2. If you hold a current qualification you will need to send in a copy of that qualification.Activate Archery
  3. Qualified or not you must also attach logged evidence of recent experience in this activity running group sessions.  We do understand that many of you will not have detailed log books but the Assessors will need some indication of the level of your resent experience i.e. “I have run approximately five sessions a year over the last couple of years, all these were at Rhydd Covert Camp Site”.
  4. In most cases where qualifications are live the Assessors will complete sections 1 and 2 of the permit asssessment form and return it to yourself. The intention is that these applications will be dealt with by the whole team at set meetings during January and February.
  5. Where applicants do not have a live qualification then, in most cases, you will be invited to attend one of the Practical Assessment events being schedule in during the early spring period. These will be held at either Kinver Scout Camp or Rhydd Covert Scout Camp.
  6. If you have a live qualification but it is due to run out the next six months it would be advisable to renew this with GNAS before applying for a permit.
  7. As with all permits, following technical assessment, your District Commissioner (or County Commissioner for County personnel) will require your permit assessment form and will then endeavour to complete sections 3 and 4 of the assessment form before issuing you a permit (section 5). Until this is complete (and in due course the permit entered onto Compass) you do not have a permit.

Archery PictureOnce we have cleared the initial backlog then I will post up the direct contact details for the Archery Assessor and individuals can contact them direct for assessment but initially all applications must come via myself.

Also remember that the Assessors are just doing the assessment for the Permit and it is the DC’s or CC who issue the Permit (as point 7 above).

Please be patience with us in this matter and try to work with the team so we can get everyone who needs an Archery Permit up and running before the summer. If you are unclear about any of this do not hesitate to contact me.

Rob Williams,
DCC Activities