Scouts Against Malaria

 Scouts Against Malaria

This initiative was launched at the 2015 Gilwell Reunion in the International Cafe.  We were visited by many people including the Chief Commissioner for England and there were expressions of interest from non UK Scout leaders as well.


We should emphasize that this initiative is purely voluntary and so Sections, Groups or Counties may join at any time.  The goal is to reduce the incidence of illness and possibly death from the disease particularly amongst children under the age of 5 who are most vulnerable to the high fever associated with this illness. The basic idea is to raise awareness amongst UK Scouts and raise funds to purchase an insecticide impregnated mosquito net while Scouts in Uganda where the scheme will be trialled will be involved in distributing the nets and explaining how they should be correctly used. 


Brochures. There are two brochures that can be downloaded (from which provide the background and explain what needs to be done to earn the badge.


County permission. As this is an occasional badge rather than a national badge, it is necessary that each County gets approval to wear the badge (we have given that permission County wide).  The badge requirements are set out on our website and it is strongly suggested that this be promoted as a sectional activity to illustrate the international aspects of Scouting that makes our Movement unique.  And Ugandan Scouts who take part in the activity will also be able to earn and wear the badge.  Counties who have approved the initiative so far are: Hampshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Wiltshire, East Lancashire, Hereford and Worcester & Isle of Wight. 

Reducing childhood illness. This is one of 17 Sustainable Development goals that were recently approved in New York, at a special meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nation.  So by taking part in our initiative, we can show that Scouts can make a difference and that each of us can save a life as the cost of an insecticide impregnated net in bulk is not much more than that of an ice cream. 

Resources. We are still developing resources for this initiative which can be downloaded from our website.  We would also welcome contributions from those who have organised activities around this theme so we can share it with others. 


Moving forward. We wish to trial in Uganda first because of our strong links with their Scouting and we are discussing with Ugandan Scouting and Unicef how we might work together. Once we have found a way of working together, we would be keen to involve other Scout Associations in sub-tropical Africa. 


The initiative is being led by Hampshire County and the steering group currently comprises Martin Takel, Margaret and Tim Ellis and myself.  Other offers of help are welcome.

Rayner Mayer, CIA, Hampshire