Regional Services Team

From the 1st April The Regional Services Team has been gearing up through a transitional period and I am pleased to provide you with information about the Team in The Midlands and the detail about the work that the team are able to undertake in partnership with local scouting.,269,391

There are some differences in the focus of our work which is outlined in the attached “What we Do” document – if you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or with the Regional Commissioners.

The Regional Services Team (Midlands) – supporting both East and West Midlands

The Regional Services Team works alongside new and existing volunteers and in partnership with local communities, supporting the growth of local Scouting to provide life changing adventure to even more young people.

I directly manage the four Growth and Development Officers and Samantha the Senior Growth and Development Officer, in addition I provide advice and support to the Regional Commissioners (the Assistant Regional Commissioner for Growth) and County Commissioners.

Samantha directly line manages Liz (and any other funded projects that may be delivered in the future. She will co-ordinate GSL / Practical Manager Essentials Events across the two Regions, undertake some DC Inductions, undertake some targeted new provision work and will provide some support to the GDOs.

The Growth and Development Officer’s prime focus is New Provision Work – their other areas of work can be found on the attached document.

I will be attending the CC meetings that are coming up (East Midlands 10th July  and West Midlands 3rd and 4th June) but was hoping to touch base with each of you as well to learn about your County, talk through how the new Regional Services Team will be able to support your growth plans and find out what your priorities for support are for the next year to help me plan the projects going forward. I know that everyone’s diaries are really busy at this time of year so I thought it might be easier if I gave my availability on a doodle poll initially so that if you would like to meet you can select the best time for you.

Best Wishes
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Area Growth and Development Manager
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