National Representaives

Every year we seek nominations for these roles, to represent the County at the National Scout Council.
The roles are:

  • National Youth Representative. The role description is below and can be held by someone 18 to 25 for up to 3 years. Note: We are now moving forwards on the appointment of a County Youth Commissioner (click here for details)Ideally, but not necessarily, the same person would hold both roles.
  • National Representative. The role description is below and is held by an adult member of the County for up to 3 years.

If you are interested in either role, the standard County Executive nomination form can be used for this role which is appointed at the County Annual General Meeting (click here for details)

Nominations for 2016/17 are now closed. However if you are potentially interested in one of these roles for 2017/18 please let us know and we'll try to make arrangements for you to shadow someone during the coming year, so that you are up to speed ahead of the 2017 Annual General Meeting. If you are interested, please .