New CC Announced

New County Commissioner announced for Hereford and Worcester
3rd April 2017

(This information was e-mailed on the 3rd April 2017 to all adult members of the County with a valid e-mail address on Compass, except Occasional Helpers and those whose e-mail provider will not accept bulk e-mailings from us).

You’ll be aware that last September, our current County Commissioner, Derek Barnes, announced his intention to step down from the role at the end of last year. Since then there has been an extensive search process underway that has finally concluded. On Saturday, Dan Potter our West Midlands Regional Commissioner, announced that Robert Sidley (Sid) will be taking over as County Commissioner on the 8th April 2017 and issued the letter below.

Over the last weekend Sid, Derek and Dan were attending Summit 17: A National Conference with the theme ‘Delivering Today: Preparing for Tomorrow’ which was looking at the next steps for The Scout Association.

Derek and Sid can be seen together (at the conference) in the picture alongside. Both were delighted with the announcement and are having a series of meeting to ensure a smooth and orderly transfer of the County Commissioner responsibilities.

Derek said ‘I’m delighted that Sid is taking over as the new County Commissioner of Hereford and Worcester and I’ll do all I can to appropriately help and support him in the role - as I’m sure everyone will across our great County.’

Sid said ‘I’m honoured to have been selected for this important role and will do all I can to support our members and move Hereford & Worcester forwards on the next steps in its journey to continue to offer great Scouting to more and more young people.’

From the 8th April, Sid will take on the  e-mail address that Derek has used for a number of years. Until then, Derek will continue to use this e-mail address.










The core team from Hereford & Worcester at Summit 17 can be seen in the above picture.

In addition we were joined by our new County Youth Commissioner Nathan Read (he was off with other Youth Commissioners at the time of the photo).

We have recently appointed our first County Youth Commissioner – Nathan Read. The role description for our County Youth Commissioner is available by clicking here and it is intended that Nathan will progressively start to undertake these responsibilities as his induction and development continues.

Nathan is pictured alongside and can be contacted on 

We wish Nathan well in his new role and particularly with assisting Districts to have their own District Youth Commissioners.

We wish them all well in their new roles!

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